Bed Bugs

funny bugs Dealing with this guy taunting me, was not to my liking. Things were made to look like I shared his bed, to find that I was not the only one. And he gloated as he boasted that he also got with men to get stuff. Whatever link there was for me to have to suffer him, to find it. I had no need to deal with the shame of the situation, as if I shared his sick behavior. It just needed to end.

He got into talking about witches. Such a waste of time. How about handling his fellow witches causing me so many problems instead? And those two old guys who passed me to dare call me a vitch. I was not interested to make sense of it, so I kept on my way. Oh, witch. No, but I would choose to be a witch over the slime they are any day. Continue reading

Make Up and Drag On

Tess Tickle FlickrFor me to write about you. It would have helped to know who you are. To know what to write about when I would choose to. In one dream you were dressing up. Girls in a dressing room, but something was wrong with your skin color underpants. I looked away as I do not care to stare at crotches. Nothing to see. Babble comes easy, but in this game it is taken seriously. Tied to  my word when others can word as they please. Show as they please. If you are not girls then why make me believe so? I cannot compete with you either way.

For me to write about you, I have to know who you are. Hiding behind make-up and make believe is a story already told. As I have already written. Forgotten. How do you know me? Continue reading

– Dance, Dancing

Dream Bible
Lap Dance – To dream of a lap dance represents teasing or tantalizing yourself with desire for your goals. You may be doing something to get close to a goal that you can never achieve. It may also reflect sexual attraction for someone that you are spending time with while knowing it can never happen. A lap dance may be a sign that you need to be more open about your true intentions or that you need to be more objective about what you can achieve in life.

Dancing – To dream of dancing with someone represents an area of your life where there is harmony or things are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Co-operative balance. Being in lockstep with other people or a situation. You may be feelings pleased about how a particular situation or relationship is going. It may also reflect the flow of good decision-making or successful choices.

To dream of dancing by yourself represents happiness or feeling good about a situation working out the way you want it to. Success or life working out for you. Sense of exhilaration.

To dream of dancing awkwardly represents inexperience or feeling that you’re a novice. Trying you best to find balance or harmony in a situation or relationship. Continue reading

– Date


Dream Bible
Blind Date – To dream that you are on a blind date, represents enthusiasm for something new you are trying. You may be taking a chance with a new idea, attitude, or possibility. New experiences you are choosing to have without knowing exactly what will happen. Possibly a sign that you fully committing to plans or suggestions that you don’t know a lot about.

Aunty Flo
A first date suggests emotions, high hopes, unpredictable situations, and unknown aspects. Having a dream about dating a woman represents something emotional and psychic rather than physical. A date with a man tells you that the situation is more physical and work related; it addresses your profession and the courage to face direct danger.

A dream date foretells the emergence of new aspects or events, changes, and the need to confront a situation directly. If your date is with many people, this situation is complex and difficult, with multiple onset choices. Dating a stranger tells you that the situation in your life is uncertain, baffling, and you need to be cautious. Continue reading

– Vanilla


Dream Bible
To dream of smelling or tasting vanilla represents a welcoming experience or inviting situation. Feeling that you belong or that only good things can happen.

Example: A man dreamed that the sky was made of vanilla. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of growth with his business after fearing that it would never going work. The vanilla sky represented his awareness of his business life continually drawing him towards all he wanted and making him feel comfortable investing more in it.

Urban Dictionary
“vanilla dream” -noun. the white significant other of a non-white person.

If you dream that you are baking something and you can sense the sweet scent of vanilla, expect an invitation soon. This dream means that you will be invited to a birthday party. It can be the birthday party of a relative, friend or colleague. Continue reading

– Interrogation


Dream Bible
To dream of an interrogation represents a relentless need for answers. You may be “grilling” yourself about why you did something or unable to forgive yourself. It may also reflect a person or situation that is trying squeeze every last bit of energy or information out of you.

To dream of being an interrogator may reflect a strong need for an answer or your distrust of a person, group, or situation.

Dream Stop
An interrogation is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied by a feeling of being deeply attacked. If information is demanded of you in your dream, it is important to note who is demanding it, as well as the other people present in the scene and the emotions that are evoked by this Continue reading

– Black Apple Magic

Black Apple

Islamic Dream
Apples — It symbolises a man’s trade, his income as well as his courage. Hence, if a king sees himself eating it, it symbolises his kingdom. If a trader sees it, it symbolises his trade. If a person sees himself as acquiring or eating one, it means he will acquire wealth proportionate to the freshness, taste and extent of the apple he has eaten: if it was sweet, the wealth will be excellent; if fresh, it will be of good quality; if little, he will acquire little; if a great deal, he will acquire it in abundance. Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Throwing apples — If one sees the ruler or the governor throwing apples at him in a dream, it means that he is sending him his emissaries, and usually such a dream carries glad tidings.

Apple — In a dream, apples represent beautiful children. An apple in a dream also denotes one’s determination and good will. To a king, apples in a dream represent his kingdom. To a merchant, they represent his merchandise, and to a farmer they represent his crop. Eating apples in a dream means determination. Eating a sweet apple in a dream means lawful earnings, while eating a sour tasting apple Continue reading

– News, Newspaper


Dream Bible (edited)
To dream of watching the news on tv represents your choice to notice something being the most important issue. You want something to be significant. Negatively, news may reflect issues you are giving too much importance to.

Example: A young man dreamed of watching a news show telling him about December 26st, 2016 was going to be a special day. In waking life he was struggling with illness. He told himself that he should try to live until that special day just in case something amazing happens. The news show reflected his choice to feel that waiting was very important.

To dream of reading a newspaper represents a need for information or insight about the most important issues. You may be looking for the best current advice or answers to a serious problem. It may represents an attempt to inform or alert others to some important information. Alternatively, a newspaper may reflect an issue that is “making the headlines” in your life. Continue reading

– Touch, Touching, Pushing


Dream Bible
To dream of someone touching you represents feelings about people or opportunities becoming personal in your life. Closeness being initiated with you. Feeling that someone or something is interested in you. Feeling that someone wants to bond with you. Feeling that someone is asking you for something or wants your attention. Situations in waking life where someone has shown you that they care about you.

Negatively, being touched by someone may reflect feelings about “temptation calling” you. Sensitivity about a personal connection with someone you don’t want to be personal with. Unhealthy feelings about desiring someone caring about you that maybe inappropriate.

To dream of touching someone represents your wish to make some area of your life more personal. Wanting to get closer to someone. Wanting to experiment with something in your life. Becoming acquainted with new ideas, behaviors, or lifestyle choices. Negatively, it may reflect temptation with addiction or conflict.

To dream of touching an object of some kind represents feelings about becoming acquainted with ideas or possibilities. Considering a type of experience you want to have. Feeling a connection to something or someone in your life. Attempting to evaluate a situation. Feeling “in-tune” with something. Negatively, it Continue reading

– Alcohol, Wine, Champagne

AlcoholRelated image

Aunty Flo
The word alcohol is from Arabic decent. It is the cornerstone of many traditions and features in many religious rituals across the world. For this substance to be featured in your dream indicates you are going around in circles trying to come up with a solution. When you dream of alcohol you may need to make sure that the processes in your life is correct. It also shows that it is important to make sure you do not hide away your feelings. When alcohol shows up in your dream, it might demonstrate that you have a somewhat mundane existence at the moment, and you are trying to progress you life.

Alcohol does not nourish, but it pulls down; it does not strengthen, but excites and exhausts, as every alcohol usage is necessarily followed by a period of depression, and this is inevitably unfavorable to you in the waking life. You must reflect on this as part of your dream. To have consumed alcohol in your dream shows that you have a creative streak that is lost at the moment. If you have children it is important to spend quality time Continue reading